Club Cooee is now partnering with Koinup

September 22nd, 2009

Koinup is a social network, where you can share your virtual life and meet users from other virtual worlds. At Koinup you can publish and share your videos, screenshots and virtual stories from Club Cooee with others. Each member of Koinup can benefits of almost unlimited storage space (for free) and publish tons of photos and videos.

Join the Club Cooee group at Koinup, where you can collect and share your content with others.

Here is a interview, we had with Pierluigi the co-founder and CEO of Koinup.

  • 1. Give me a brief description of you and your job at Koinup
    I’m Pierluigi Casolari and I’m the co-founder and CEO of Koinup (the other founder is Edoardo Turelli). We launched Koinup in the middle of 2007, the idea was creating a web 2.0 portal dedicated to virtual worlds and contents created within virtual worlds.
  • 2. What exactly is Koinup, and what can users from virtual worlds like Club Cooee do there?
    Koinup is a web 2.0 gateway (or portal) to discover the best of virtual worlds. Virtual Worlds are immersive and engaging, but quite still unknown spaces in the web. The mission of Koinup is to make virtual worlds more known, easier to access and more manageable. Club Cooee members can join Koinup in order to find new friends, share and tell others about their experience in Club Cooee, meet people from Club Cooee and other virtual worlds and take part in the Koinup Contests and Initiatives ( )
  • 3. What is the difference to other Social Networks
    We’re aimed at the vertical of virtual worlds. It means that we’re partnering directly with Virtual Worlds companies to launch initiatives, empower virtual world culture, or create new features that integrate virtual worlds with the web. For example almost all virtual worlds are now supporting the Koinup postcards; postcards are a way for members to communicate with people on koinup, by sending pictures, without leaving the client.
  • 4. What’s your favorite demographics and how you plan to enter the market
    The average Koinup member is between 20 – 30 years old. We are a quite global community. So we have members from all the countries
  • 5. What’s are your plans for the next months. Can you reveal some of the features you’re going to release in the next months.
    We’re partnering with some important virtual worlds to bring our community new ways to interact with Koinup directly when they are “inworld”. Along with that, we’re counting to further improve our photo and video-sharing features and give people a better experience on Koinup
  • 6. Give us some tips for the new members. How get the most out from Koinup?
    Start with sharing some pics of your avatar, add friends, create your network and join groups (we have created a group for Club Cooee members: ).

Stay tuned with our blog: to see if there are some contests or other challenges for the community. If you’re on Facebook, you can follow us by becoming fan of the Koinup FB Page: